Why do you need more than just technology? Tips on entrepreneurship

tips on entrepreneurship

Do you assume that technology is enough to make you commercially successful? Check out these tips on entrepreneurship as it will help you find success.

Since R & D until the adoption of your solution by consumers, the path is full of pitfalls. Here’s how to identify and above all avoid. They succeeded: Dolby technology past the stadium to stadium generic name; SAP, the market leader in ERP. Today is your laboratory is emerging as a technology that will revolutionize uses. Before going further, it is time to understand the marketing mechanisms and tips on entrepreneurship that will guide you on the road to global success.

tips on entrepreneurship

Give up now to the myth of “the-technology-that-sells-“

The technology that sits in your lab is not a product, since it does not match a frank and understandable way to a solvent demand from customers. But the challenge is to transform this item on performance, which offers a multitude of features, solution that solves a customer’s problem, for which it will be willing to pay. Because your goal is to sell, not develop. The first step will be to identify promising market segment for the product.

Also, waive the second myth, that of the universal market

This is one of the important tips on entrepreneurship. “My clock is the most accurate on the market.” The implication, my market is the stopwatch. No ! Here, you think “product”, not “market”. The question is “Which market segments are experiencing problems due to the vagueness of existing timekeeping solutions?”. The answer to this question will help you identify your addressable market, in the form of one or more segments, on which you will have to focus you.

Put the customer’s needs at the heart of your reflections

The marketing men often call “customer’s voice”. The need of your potential customer should always be at the heart of your concerns. For this, you will use your valuable time, not to develop more technical features than your competitor but identify your target customer so as to be able to understand their problems and how your solution solves.

Your solution will replace an existing solution. Attention, even if you consider that you do not have a competitor, your customer lives without your solution today. There is therefore, at least, alternatives, even though they are of a different nature. For example, most drivers do not have GPS system. GPS systems manufacturers are waging a cruel competition (good for the consumer who sees prices collapse!). But the competitors GPS systems are not only their alter ego, but these are also the road atlas for the historical competitor and websites which calculate routes and provide the traffic. These are among the best tips on entrepreneurship.

Become familiar with the Gourville theory, known as the “9 times.”

And yes, at Harvard, the Gourville professor proved that the customer valued nine times what he lost, that the benefits that would offer the new solution. Do not neglect resistance to change your potential customers. Understand the drivers of this resistance. Make your potential customer understand the real benefits of the solution and flatten the resistance by offering solutions tailored to a migration from the old to the new solution. Do not ignore these tips on entrepreneurship.

Design a clever marketing to accompany your product launch

Do not confuse big marketing budget and marketing effectiveness. Conversely, do not imagine free internet. Among all, this is the first and foremost tips on entrepreneurship. Recruiting a client on the Internet is expensive. But today’s tools allow you to set up an effective marketing with budgets to suit your means.Again, go back to the attention of your potential customers. What sites do they visit? This will guide your partnerships. What media do they read? This will allow you to identify their favorite media. What words do they use to talk about their problems? This will allow you to direct them to your website effectively through SEO (natural or paid). Finally, think beyond the product. Consider providing information to your visitors, bring them value, without a second thought. They naturally become your customers more effectively than if they receive advertisements in their mailbox!

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